Systematic Treatment assumes that scientific research is the most useful and valid foundation on which to establish both the efficacy and the effectiveness of an intervention. As a research-informed system, the Innerlife STS team views sound scientific research as absolutely critical to establishing a credible treatment and to preventing fraud and misuse of treatment procedures.

There are many different ways of viewing mental health problems and their treatment. Even scientists may differ from one another in the weight given to those factors that accompany and produce change. Among scientists, these variations are often expressed in the objectives of research and the particular factors that serve as a focus for seeking the most effective way to produce and enhance change.

Rather than representing a new therapy model, the empirical approach of the Innerlife STS team has ensured that our product is an open system in which all research-grounded dimensions of patients, therapists, processes, and treatments could be incorporated as available research articulates and validates the principles that underlay their application. As a result, the principles that comprise the application engine of the Innerlife STS system can be modified and extended almost limitlessly as new principles are discovered.