WebPsych Corp. offers professional consulting services that are focused on:

  • Difficult Treatment Cases
  • Program Planning
  • Developing Tracking Systems
  • Behavioral Health Triage in Medical Settings

The primary consultants are Dr. Larry E. Beutler, Dr. Satoko Kimpara and their close colleagues.  Consultants will respond to requests for consulting services via e-mail or phone and the consultation will involve talking to the referrant and if needed, initiating some additional evaluation of the stakeholders that involve the problem, all of which will be done through the referrant.

Most medical or physical diseases or conditions either contribute to or are made worse by psychological factors.  Integrative Health Care addresses this reality by merging psychotherapy with primary medical care.  Since modern medicine is evidence-based, Integrative Psychotherapy also needs to be evidence-based in order to achieve true, holistic health care.  WebPsych is dedicated to advancing and promoting Integrative, Evidence-Based Health Care through training, consulting, and technology.

In addition, WebPsych Corp. can help a psychotherapy practice to be recognized by insurance companies and other service payers with the full status of a primary care medical practice? Would you like to enjoy the full status, recognition, and rewards of being a member of the primary medical system? We can arrange consulting services designed to make your practice into an Integrative and Evidence-Based practice so that it fits with the methods of the medical establishment.

If you are interested in discussing consulting services, please fill out and submit the contact information below.  Please do your best to define the problem, including how long it has been going on, your (the clinician’s) view of what is happening, and some of the approaches that have been tried to address the problem.  Please be sure to omit any identifying information about the patient or client, if a patient/client is involved.