WebPsych Corp. is the owner and developer of Innerlife STS — a cloud mobile platform for mental health care and its integration with primary medical care. Innerlife STS is designed for assessment, data collection and analytics, documentation, and progress tracking. Innerlife STS creates and composes conceptualized narratives and builds them into professional-grade reports. These reports are designed for use by healthcare organizations, insurance companies, mental health professionals, primary care physicians, justice system professionals and universities.

Most medical or physical diseases or conditions either contribute to or are made worse by psychological factors.  Integrative Health Care addresses this reality by merging psychotherapy with primary medical care.  Since modern medicine is evidence-based, Integrative Psychotherapy also needs to be evidence-based in order to achieve true, holistic health care.  WebPsych is dedicated to advancing and promoting Integrative, Evidence-Based Health Care through training, consulting, and technology. To get started, Register for a Free Demo Account.